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With our new office in Phoenix, we bring over 15 years of experience and quality control to the whole state of Arizona. Our company has built a reputation on excellence and customer service in the entire refrigeration & HVAC system market. It allows us to cater to our customers from a broad range of industries. While our main area of expertise is firmly planted in the supermarket refrigeration & HVAC industry, we also serve the needs of top leading companies across the commercial, retail and industrial markets as well.

Silverstate Refrigeration & HVAC now in Arizona


Silverstate Refrigeration & HVAC has expanded into the great state of Arizona. We provide services to the entire state servicing C-stores, restaurants, grocery stores, bars, property management facilities and shopping malls. We provide a full selection of services including commercial refrigeration, commercial AC, residential air conditioning, commercial kitchen repairs, cooking, general maintenance, stainless steel repairs, FRP install and repair, tile, and even lighting.

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Silverstate Refrigeration & HVAC - Arizona

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23015 N. 15th Ave #101 & 102
Phoenix AZ. 85027
Phone: 702-433-5008


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